October 2013 – Update on the Robot, now re-named Abby!

Alex has spent (and is spending) many hours learning about programming, with the help of Pete Cormack;
We now have 2 castings programmed in and production runs have been performed. As part of Research & Development, changes have been made, tooling has been improved/changed. Gripper fingers have been re-designed. Speeds have tentatively increased, in fact a round socket now goes through the cell in 50 seconds!! We have had to order a new Robot friendly Cougar linisher from RJH Morrisflex Ltd  and a new drill from W& H Eves Ltd.
Alex has donned his cap and satchel and started night school to learn AutoCAD, so that he can draw out the points of a casting to program it in to the robot. A change of thought to the way the Robot operates had to take place. Because of the variations and tolerances between castings not all the fettling can be done by the Robot, so we now have man and Robot working in tandem, which is a happy solution.
We are hoping that, very soon, all dangerous saw cuts will go through the Robot Cell, vastly reducing the risk of accidents to the men.

Aluminium fettling robots

August 2013 – Ground Breaking History! Robotic Aluminium Fettling

A ground breaking first for Hall and Botterill. Our newly installed and carefully programmed robot becomes part of the manufacturing process for the first time.


June 2013 – Introducing Our Robotic Fettling Machine

After many decades of using traditional manufacturing processes, at Hall & Botterill we’ve just invested in a state of the art robotic fettling machine.  Designed to automate the finish of castings, the robotic fettling machine will mechanise what is a potentially hazardous element of the production process, therefore playing an important role in improving the safety of our finishing team.  Whilst our new robotic fettling machine is certain prove hugely useful, we’re still keen to keep using hand manufacturing techniques where possible.

robotic fettling

We have the largest range of gravity die cast aluminium gutters & fittings in the world.