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The largest range of gravity die cast aluminium gutters
& fittings in the world
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Marine grade aluminium made from
100% recycled aluminium
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Aluminium, The Superior Option Over Cast Iron

We’ve always known that our cast aluminium gutters and other rainwater products are far better than those that are made from cast iron and here are just some of the reasons why!

Lightweight, corrosion resistant and low maintenance, cast aluminium guttering, down pipes and rainwater hoppers are now extensively used as an superior option over cast iron rainwater fittings.

Once fitted onto your house or other building It’s almost impossible to tell the difference between the two.  Our cast aluminium guttering is produced by pouring liquid, molten aluminium into moulds – in the same way that cast iron gutters are manufactured this means that the resulting products have the same texture and look that you’d expect from traditional or period cast iron guttering so providing a perfect match for your period property.

Cast aluminium gutters can easily be powder coated into virtually any colour, this means that they do not need re-painting and will not rust like cast iron does.

The connections used in cast aluminium guttering allow for perfect fitting every time, ensuring a reliable, low-maintenance product that looks identical to the traditional cast iron alternative.

If you’re still not convinced why not get in-touch with us and we’ll happily discuss the many ways that our products can meet your rainwater fitting needs.

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