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Acquiring & Commissioning an Industrial Robot

Hall & Botterill investigated robotic fettling in 2005, but, at that time robots were totally cost-prohibitive. In 2012, the idea was re-visited as a way of separating production capability from the number of men employed. At no point was there ever any thought of reducing staff, this was being introduced to reduce the danger associated […]


Originally Gravity Aluminium Dies were an extension of Sand Casting. This method resulted in a large amount of work because the sand molds could only be used once and were then destroyed. In an attempt to increase productivity the molds were made out of Cast Iron, held together with “G” clamps, and prised apart with […]

Engineering Castings

We’ve lots of examples of previous production runs for customers. We can create most designs in aluminium and are capable of both small and large orders in Diecast aluminium. Our expertise and equipment allows for a diverse range of products to be manufactured to your exact requirements. Please contact us to discuss how we can […]