Gravity Aluminium Die Casting Design

Gravity Die Design is probably the most overlooked skill that can turn a profitable job into a huge loss. It is not just creating a metal mold to slop aluminium into, it is an art form.

Things to consider when designing a die:-

  1. Where do the risers need to be to eliminate porosity?
  2. Where and how to run the casting to avoid turbulence?
  3. Is it more cost effective to put inserts in? The answer is NO, dies with inserts usually have a life span reduced by up to 60%
  4. How many moving die sides, which way to move and how to move them? i.e. manually operated/automated?
  5. How easily can the die be stripped down for cleaning, what to clean it with?
  6. Does the die need its own rig/shared rig?
  7. What material will the die be made from?

These are but a few of the considerations to take into account when designing a Gravity Die. These skills take decades to acquire and accounts for a great many poorly designed dies around the world. The author can verify this through his own experience over many years