Manufacturing Videos

Hall and Botterill have a history steeped in gravity-fed, cast aluminium. We specialise in recreating Edwardian and Victorian rainwater fittings in durable cast aluminium, as opposed to the more traditional and less reliable cast Iron. Our production process is built upon the heritage of our craft, as many of our die’s are made made from older designs, however we also make a conscious effort to embrace modern techniques.

Videos of cast Aluminium techniques

We work in traditional ways to create certain aspects of our gutter castings, however we also rely on modern methods such as automated robotic fettling to remove risk to our engineers. We also utilise air brain controlled gravity die casting for safety and to ensure precision and quality within our products.

Through the combination of our innovation and use of heritage techniques, we have been able to produce the world’s largest collection of cast aluminium gutters and rainwater fittings. We hope you enjoy the videos we have included on this page, intended to illustrate the complexity of what we do here at Hall and Botterill, but also to display how much pride we take in our work.

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If you have any questions about our aluminium casting process or would like a quote for guttering and rainwater fittings, please feel free to get in touch with us via telephone, email or our website.

Automatic Robot Fettling

One Man Operating Three Aluminium Casting Dies

Air Brain Controlled Gravity Die Casting

Automated Aluminium Fettling

Robotic Aluminium Fettling

Aluminium Casting

The Finishing Process

The Finishing Processg

Gutter Casting

Using the Band Saw