The last foundry in Leeds combines history with cutting-edge technology

Hall & Botterill bring 18th century water well back into operation

No one could ever accuse the inventive team here at Leeds’ last remaining foundry of standing still! Thanks to the recent discovery of a well in our Meanwood workshop, Hall & Botterill have successfully combined history and technology to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Our Managing Director, Alex Paterson, discovered a well under the floor of the workshop in 2009. Although the well was re-opened and the water purified at the time, we decided to leave it as a feature. Alex recently had the idea of bringing the well, which is believed to date back to the 18th century, back into production. Despite the fact that his plan was met with initial scepticism by the rest of the team, it has since become a crucial element of our manufacturing processes.

“When I suggested the idea of bringing the well back into production I have to confess that it was met with gales of laughter! However we decided to go ahead and give it a try and having installed a pump and pipework, the well has proved the perfect solution to prevent the oil we use in our hydraulically operated dies from overheating,” explained Alex.

Hall & Botterill was established back in 1946 and since then we’ve worked hard to innovate whilst maintaining our commitment to exceptional customer service. As one of the largest manufacturers of cast aluminium rainwater products in the UK, we’re incredibly proud of our ability to make use of traditional manufacturing skills, combined with technology.