The Press-Fettling Story – It can be done and we’ll show youhow

“Gutters cannot be press-fettled, it is impossible.”

“Gravity die castings cannot be press-fettled, and it would be a fluke if you did it”

We have 10,000 flukes in stock!

In 1997, a monstrous Cowlishaw-Walker, 250 ton press was installed. It transformed a skill that was difficult, dangerous, with manual fettling that involved using a band saw generating in excess of 140db; linishing machines that needed clearance when 6ft gutters were slung around; manual punching and straightening with a hammer.

When a man was fresh he could manually fettle a gutter in 6 minutes. With the press a gutter can be press-fettled and de-burred at the rate of 1 every 20 seconds resulting in an 1800% increase in productivity.

Watch our press fettling video