Victorian style guttering

At Hall and Botterill, we have a reputation for excellence and dependability which has been earned over our many years in the industry. Since founding in 1946, we’ve steadily grown to be the largest producer of commercial vehicle corner castings in the UK, and the second largest manufacturer of cast aluminium rainwater products.

Guttering with a Victorian Influence

We offer an extensive range of aluminium guttering and rainwater drainage products. Each a perfect combination of durability, performance and style. With many looking to find period inspired designs for getter and drainage apparatus, our Victorian style guttering is ideal. Whilst some of the technology and decorative emphasis of the Victorian process remains, we have refined the manufacture and performance of our products. Our aluminium is completely recycled and is lighter and lower maintenance than the cast iron equivalents.

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

However, because we use similar manufacturing techniques, casting aluminium into moulds, the overall presentation of our guttering equipment is strikingly similar to the period pieces. With many of the decorative features and motifs of traditional Victorian style guttering you can ensure that buildings maintain their charm and classic features whilst also guaranteeing you have perfectly functioning drainage and guttering apparatus. The best of Victorian presentation combined with perfected modern manufacturing techniques, including with our robotic fettling machine, which improves the finishing of castings.

Our Range of Products

Our range consists of a wide selection of products, each manufactured and designed with the utmost consideration. With everything from Catalan hopper heads to ornamental embellishments we can offer what’s needed to introduce style and function for a variety of different structures and purposes, we have over 1,000,000 castings currently held. We can turn around order and deliver within 24 hours from the receipt of order on a national basis. To find out more about what we can offer to you or your business, browse our product range.