Aluminium foundry from the 1940’s to the 21st Century

When Mr Botterill retired in 1987, A new managing director, Alex Patterson, took over the running of the company and it has developed over the past 30 years into a modern, vibrant, 21st century go-ahead foundry. Hall & Botterill are the last Aluminium foundry remaining in Leeds.

About Hall and Botterill

During the past years furnaces have been updated to and more efficient practice introduced.  Hall & Botterill have developed the rainwater castings production, and today we carry the world’s largest range of traditional cast aluminium rainwater goods. When Alicast closed down Hall & Botterill bought the patterns for all the hopper heads, which we now sell as The Alicast Heritage Selection. Corner casting manufacturing still plays a part, as well as general aluminium engineering castings. We pride ourselves on our excellent service and aim to deliver aluminium gutters, hoppers and other rainwater castings within 72 hours of receiving an order.

With advances in technology, most of the dies are time-sequenced, automated, enabling the men to operate two dies at a time when necessary. Fettling aluminium gutters was a problem, which is where the gutter press was introduced, Hall & Botterill is the only company in the world to press-fettle gutters.

Hall and Botterill are very keen on energy efficiency, both environmentally and economically, and has embarked on a rolling programme of replacing all the electric lighting with LED lighting.  This is a work in progress, but, one, which will make huge savings in both energy and money.

Fettling is both a dangerous and difficult part of foundry work and Hall & Botterill, always keen on Health & Safety issues, considered options in how to reduce risk, increase productivity, and further improve working conditions. Enter Roberta the robot, our newest member of staff. The robot, after much programming of 500 castings is able to process an aluminium casting from die-cast to ready for sale.

As well as introducing robotic aluminium fettling, we are, as another project, going to install a CNC machine .

Innovation and concepts are on-going at Hall & Botterill, aspirations never die.

Hall & Botterill are on an aspirational journey.

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