332 Meanwood Road, Leeds,
West Yorkshire, LS7 2JF

Manufactured in the United Kingdom

Our History

Hall & Botterill have been leading the market since 1946…

We were established in 1946 as an independent family run cast aluminium foundry business. The company is an organisation with a skilled, dedicated and highly motivated work force of up to 8 employees. We have a tradition of product quality and delivery within 24hrs from receipt of order (nationally). This is achieved by continuous investment and through updating the company’s technology, capability and stock of products. Over 1,000,000 castings are currently held. We are the largest producer of commercial vehicle corner castings in the UK, and the 2nd largest manufacturer of cast aluminium rainwater products.

Innovation and continuous development have always been central to our approach. In 2014 we’d turned the dream of automated fettling into a reality with the arrival of our robotic multitasking machines. More recently, we’ve added high-pressure die casting to our list of specialities.  

Our History

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